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Post by WhiteHawk on Sun Sep 08, 2013 4:00 pm

Hey guys, I'm WhiteHawk and this is my Application for being a Moderator :

My Info

Name : Robin Samaha
In-Game name: WhiteHawk
Age: 14
Languages : Enlgish / Arabic / French
Country : Lebanon
Rate of My English from 1-10 : 9.
Will you be Active ? : Yes i will be active.

Server Info

I've been on this server for about a week now. I would've joined this server earlier but i couldn't since i had problems connecting.

Why do you want to become a mod: I want to to become a moderator so i can let Logic-pk live more and more. In addition, i would like logic-pk players to be in a better environment.

Would you help players ? : I would like to help players anytime / .anywhere.

How to Contact me ? : Skype : robin.samaha / pm me on forum.

Thank you for reading ! I hope you accept me.

See you all in-game.

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[WhiteHawk] Moderator Application Empty Re: [WhiteHawk] Moderator Application

Post by eadc on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:14 am

denied have more time playing on the server things that might help you out are vids'helping'keeping server active voteing advertising:D


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