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Post by Beans on Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:23 pm

Hey guys, Beans again - just posting an application saying why i should be made mod.
So, why i think i should be made mod (and i don't need to tell you all my details again - pretty sure most people know my past staff experience; Youscape and vyrescape 3):

1. I am helpful, friendly and easy to talk to which I personally think are essential things mod needs to have.
2. I know know the server like the back of my hand and so will easily be able to show people around the server.
5. I am a VERY active player so I will be able to give thin
3. I am trustworthy which will make it easy for people to come and talk to me
4. I regularly invite new players! For example - Ambidestri and You Mad Bro to name a like voting rewards easily and not have to make the players wait 3 hours until a staff memeber gets on which i know annoys many of the players.

I really hope you take my application into consideration, as  I believe I am a great staff member and help people out.
Thanks again ~ Beans

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